It’s inconceivable.

The mind is a tool that every one of us possess; it is a product of nature’s ingenuity and creativity. It is the filter that we see our reality through. If no one can see that, then it’s okay because there’s nothing much that can be done about it.

Some has said that the mind is limited by it’s own design, it’s complex processes too far beyond our own understanding for the time being. To have such a powerful tool at your disposal only to find that it limits you from truly understanding the world must be a feeling one cannot shake off.

We can see all shades of color with three types of color-receptive cones, but the mantis shrimp can perceive a spectra beyond our imagination with SIXTEEN of them. We can listen to music of all genres, but we cannot hear ultrasound. We smell a myriad of scents, but dogs can catch scent from kilometers away.

Sometimes I wish I can do all this, however it is a blessing to have a tool that allows me to see the world without driving me crazy.

What if the brain was damaged, either through exposure to toxic substances or physical trauma? What then? What if the reality that we see differs from people who do have brain damage? Are their realities different from ours?

Likely. You can choose to accept that their reality is different, or you can fight for no apparent reason. This is why we have the saying, “To each his or her own.”

Now, what if a person’s brain was biologically wired differently? Nothing invasive, just nature doing it’s work. Why did nature create people who are prone to mental disorders? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, schizophrenia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, you name it.

If there were people who have always had them, why wasn’t the problem there before? Education helped us learn what fits and what works; it also helped us to weed out what we don’t need. Arguably that makes things more effective back then, when people needed to follow instructions in factories and farms. But what about now though? It impedes people with mental disorders in their actions and thoughts. It ruins relationships. It does not help with work.

The brain is the greatest creation that allows us to explore our world, and yet it is flawed to such an extent that it can wreak havoc just because we have it.