Trying to find yourself

Trying to understand how you fit in life, and how life fits you.

Trying to be one with nature, so that peace fulfills you.

Trying to catch up with the rest, until there is only you.

When does one ever stop trying, really? We only stop when we lose the drive.

To a large extent, we are driven by something in life. Be it goals or ambitions or the latest phone or the largest collection or whatever. Drive is fuel for the soul. Drive is what I wake up with everyday as I watch a YouTube video on a quick workout. Drive is what I have when I look at the person that I love everyday. Drive helps me give my absolute best and making sure there are no imperfections. Drive helps me write.

The drive to be better is what I feel when I let myself down and I disappoint others around me. Emotions that drive you must be tempered with rational thought, planning and successive goals. That is what someone taught me.

The decisions that I’ve made and the life path that I’ve decided on are supposed to drive me further; so why isn’t it when I need it? Am I not bothered? Am I depressed? Am I living a life where I’m too comfortable in my own bubble? When the same person you care most about asks you these questions, you wonder.

And I’ve found my answer.

More than being a want, my drive has to be a NEED. It is what he has said again and again, where the need to want and the want to need are different.

I don’t care if I’ve screwed up. I don’t care if I did something unimaginably horrible.

I will fix it, because I have the drive to.

Trying to find yourself